Overcome hurdles that impede metro/ aggregation networks and profits

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Growing demand for bandwidth

A combination of more Internet users, worldwide, faster connections and a more than doubling in the amount of connected devices is driving the need for more bandwidth.
Between 2016-2021, Metro bandwidth growth is fueled by increases in:

internet users worldwide

device and connections per capita

average speeds

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Changing traffic patterns

As end-user Internet traffic moves closer to the edge, more than one-third of all traffic will bypass long-haul and regional cores in favor of metro by 2021.


within metro


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More stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Applications—including augmented and virtual reality, video streaming, autonomous driving vehicles, as well as digital medical devices and telesurgery—will require more stringent SLAs and on-demand capabilities.
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Discover Cisco Metro Fabric

Key Building Blocks

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Scale-out architecture

Industry lead ASR9K

Highly dense and scalable NCS 5500

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Programmability and analytics with YANG data models and telemetry

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Segment routing

Unified Forwarding Plane with Explicit Path Control and Traffic Engineering

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Common Control Plane for L2, L3 and IRB

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Technical Benefits

  • Scalable and simple to operate
  • Ready for 5G and IoT
  • Intent-based ready
  • Capable of delivering new services with stringent SLAs
  • Future proof to overcome the unknown

Business Benefits

  • Faster time to service and revenue
  • OpEx savings
  • CapEx optimization
  • New revenue-generating services
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