Sales Enablement

A collection of The Fiction Tribe's work for enterprise sales teams

FireEye HTML5 + iPAD Demo

To help showcase FireEye's service offerings The Fiction Tribe developed an interactive demo chock full of rich animations and in-depth information. Built using responsive HTML, the demo was deployed on 10 workstations at RSA where prospective customers could be walked through the demo by FireEye presenters.

In addition to the HTML 5 demo, a introductory video was created by The Fiction Tribe where the demo and video were packaged up into an iPad app for the sales team to take on the road.

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Bay Dynamics Security Field Guide

The modern security landscape has changed to the point where traditional security measures are no longer adequate.

The Fiction Tribe wrote, shot and edited this in-depth film that uses an on-screen guide who walks CISO's through the modern threat landscape and shows how Bay Dynamics prevents these new security threats.

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Bay Dynamics iPAD Demo

In order to explain the unique offerings of Bay Dynamics and it's Risk Fabric solution, The Fiction Tribe developed a hybrid HTML 5 and iOS application that tell the story of the four core solutions: inside threat solution, outside threat solution, high privilege access solution and attack surface solution.

Each solution section includes the anatomy of a particular threat and shows how Risk Fabric stops the threats, including screenshots of the software in action.

The demo was deployed on workstations in the Bay Dynamics RSA booth as well as iPad's at the event.

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Bay Dynamics Anthem Video

The Bay Dynamics Anthem video is a short loop-able video that walks a viewer through the modern threat landscape and explains how Bay's offerings work.

Created to run with and without the benefit of sound, on-screen text reinforces the messages in the VO so the video could play on a loop on pillars inside the Bay Dynamics booth at RSA as well as on the Bay Dynamics homepage.

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Covering the different layers of email trust, this HTML5 and iPad demo walk a user through protection for both customers and the enterprise, augmented with screenshots and examples of how malicious emails can ruin the reputation of a trusted vendor without the Agari Trust Network.

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